Game Resources

What are the requirements for the game?

How do I unlock new cars?

What's the maximum car level?

What are Blue Coins?

Where do I spend my Credits?

What is the Garage Shop?

Are car upgrades shared between cars?

Do you support game controllers?

What's the difference between World Tour and Tournaments?

What is the Playground?

How do I get the Playground Rewards?

Can I play split-screen?

How do I get new customizations for my cars?

How do I use Nitros?

What are Nitro Fragments?

Can I play the game offline?

What is World Tour mode?

What's Break the Boxes?

What's a Crew?

What's a Crew Code?

How do I invite my friends to play together?

Accounts and Purchase

Where is the game available?

Do I lose access to the game if my Apple Arcade subscription expires?

Do I lose my save and achievements if my subscription expires?

Do I have to pay to access new content and updates on Apple Arcade?

Does Horizon Chase 2 collect any of my personal data when I enable data collection?

I need help with

Will the game be available for Android devices?

Will the game be available for PC/Console devices?

What platforms are you going for PC/Console?

I can't play online races or use multiplayer.

I don't know how to use my game controller on my Apple device

The game progress from my iPhone is not the same when I installed the game on my Mac/iPad.

Where do I report a bug?

Bug Report

Did you find any bugs or issue while playing the game? Here's the place for you

If you're reporting a bug, please include:

  • What happened
  • Where it happened
  • The device you're playing on
  • Other relevant information
  • If possible, attach a screenshot of the problem

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